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Becoming A Person of Influence

Becoming A Person of Influence

What a difference a year can make! I say that wholeheartedly as I stand against this wall smiling from ear to ear after receiving a self-painted portrait in the mail. It was gifted to me by a business associate for my birthday as a salute for overcoming mental health traumas that I secretly dealt with over the last few years. Who would have ever thought that a top-ranking motivational speaker, author and serial entrepreneur would lose his dream business in the blink of an eye due to covid shutting down the professional speaking industry? I literally lost everything that I had yet only 1 year later I overcame it all including chronic depression only to later being asked by the President of the Saint Louis Cardinals to be centerfield throwing the opening pitch at the baseball game with over 30,000 people rooting him on!


So How Did You Do It Koran?

Many people like me, who are highly skilled and talented, often suffer from setbacks in silence. We are not only fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties, friends, and community advocates but we are also more than often considered to be the strong ones in our immediate circles of influence. The one who everyone relies on for inspiration to help others out of their dark moments, but oftentimes that help and energy is not reciprocated when we find ourselves on the other end of the stick. This can lead to anxiety, depression, resentment, and hopelessness but I am writing this blog to encourage you to not give in to the pressures of defeat. Whenever those antagonizing thoughts of pressure try to cloud your judgment and vision for success I want you to say to yourself, “What a difference a year can make!”
Yes, times are hard…
Yes, things could be better…
Yes you feel like you misunderstood…
Yes, you feel like you’re stuck, frustrated and feel like you’re all alone hitting a glass ceiling…
What a difference a year can make!

Your New Journey

How is it that one year I can lose everything I have to the point that I’m embarrassingly sleeping on my aunties futon because I don’t have any place to stay, to 1 year later living on the top floor of a high rise building and launching a brand new business with 2 new office space? That’s because we are not what we eat, we are what we think! Success is all in our mind and I have learned that thoughts become things. If you want to see a better you, you must think and speak like you’re a better you, even before you become a better you. So let’s give it a try.
Can you imagine what life could be like in the next 365 days? A life where you come out on top despite the odds being currently stacked against? A life that will make you proud that you didn’t give up when you truly felt like you had nothing left to give? Well today you’re in luck! I would like to invite you on a journey with me. A journey that may not be easy, and is the road less traveled but will produce a great reward if you push through and persevere.
During this journey of courage, I would be lying if I said that you won’t get discouraged or afraid. If I had to be 100 percent honest, there were moments last year where I couldn’t look myself in the mirror and felt like climbing under a rock hoping that it would one day completely crush me. I had nothing to give to anyone but myself, and even the thought of that made me feel like a selfish failure. But here is the big question. Are you willing to go on a 1-year journey that could change your life if I gave you the same step by step blueprint and passport to prosper that I used to go from dead broke, to gaining it all, then losing it all, only getting it all back again times 10?!!!!! Sure you are. If it happened for me, it can happen for you but something has to shift to get unstuck, and that’s to reprogram your entire way of thinking and making the tough decision to let go of everything to move forward.

A Purpose Driven Life

The reason I created this website is to give you access to business leaders the character-building life skills that can stretch you well beyond your breaking point. These tools and courses shared on this site are tested and proven to produce results for me and can be used anywhere, for anybody, at any time and can produce a result for you if you’re willing to get involved and invest in your personal development of growth to become the best version of yourself. It won’t be easy, but with this website and our ever-growing network, at least you won’t have to do it alone. Your new Bold Moves family will be there to root you on when times get rough, as we have assembled and recruited the best of the best all over the world to align with a vision that transcends cultures because we all understand what it feels like to be chosen to do something that’s never been done before.
Long story short, let us help you refocus your energy, rebrand yourself, and reposition your mindset so that you can create and do the unthinkable. Cheers! What a difference a year can make. Congrats in advance.
Your Success Coach
Koran “KB” Bolden

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